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About Us

SafePay is assisting its partners to design, develop, implement and operate highly secure IoT architectures, as well as mobile services in the financial, retail and transportation industries.

Our activities are covering the whole service/product life cycle from conceptualisation through design and development, to operation and assessment.

Track record

SafePay has an over 20 years history marked with innovative and successful products and services.

It implemented the first mobile intrabank fund transfer, using mobile apps in 2007. The company has conceptualized, developed and supported the by volume largest mobile payment service in Hungary, iCheque (iCsekk). Related IPR has been acquired by the national postal service in 2019.

SafePay presented the first fully mobile shopping experience together with the book chain Libri in 2012, covering the whole instore experience from generating a shopping list, automatically scanning product with a shopping cart and all the way to mobile payment, including also numerous marketing, communication and data generation features. Even over 10 years later this technology is still revolutionary as it introduces new state of the art revenue generating, cost saving and user-friendly technologies into legacy shopping environments without major investments and remodelling.

Lately the company is leveraging its chip card related expertise with the implementation of highly secure IoT security solutions and diverse industrial and consumer domains.

Collaborations and partnerships

Over the years SafePay has been partnering with many of the largest multinational companies like Motorola, NXP, T-Mobile, Vodafone, ATOS, Airbus, Deloitte, Raiffeisen Bank, Erste Bank as well as with major local enterprises like the Postal service, Libri (the largest book chain of Hungary) and MKB Bank..
SafePay is a member of Global Platform, the Trust over IP Foundation, and funding member of the IoTAC Association.


The innovativeness of SafePay could not be proved any better than with the fact that the company has a large IPR portfolio comprising over 20 local and international (including 3 US) patents, patent pendings and trademarks.
SafePay has also been successfully involved in several European and local R&D projects, the results of which have been integrated in its product and service portfolio.

Horizon Europe "DOSS" project 

Safepay is proud to participate in the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action „DOSS” project (Grant Agreement No. 101120270).

Working With Best in Class Partners & Clients

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