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Access Management

The Front-end Access Management (FEAM) system – patented – is combining the best features of FIDO and OAuth!

FIDO brings major advancement by removing sensitive personal data from the server side. OAuth introduces the signed access token to simplify access control.

FEAM uses the secure storage just like FIDO, however, it does not only store the user’s private key in a secure element but also moves the authorization server of OAuth into this device. When a user issues a command both authentication and authorization are performed at the user side in the secure element, the web token is also generated and signed here, and at the point of access (resource server), only the signature is to be verified just like in case of OAuth.

The secure, resource-efficient, decentralized FEAM is suitable for both online and offline, proximity and remote transactions.
The solution supports the construction of constrained, simple, but still highly protected IoT systems and devices, as security functions are removed from the weak protected systems, nods to the more powerful user devices.
FEAM can be implemented as a system component for new deployments or can even be installed as a gateway device to increase the security level of weakly protected legacy architectures.

Access Mangement

Card Farm

The Card Farm is the secure substitute for plastic chip cards in your physical wallet. The cloud-based operation manages multiple chip cards, each assigned to individual users, storing even multiple applications.  It is always on, it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime using a mobile or desktop application. The Card Farm assures the highest-level security with the use of PKI and multi-factor, multi-channel authentication.

Supported use cases are digital ID cards, identity and access control, digital signatures, and the new type of “warm” crypto wallet.

Card Farm

Smart Card Management

CappGate is a secure mobile application management and chip card management architecture – patented – to serve both Service Providers and Secure Element Issuers/Mobile Network Operators.

The architecture provides real-time, over-the-air, life-cycle, and in-life application management according to the Global Platform specification.  The solution comprises card management, multi-application management as well as loading, installation, and personalization of the apps. in the secure element. The operation may be single or multi-tenant, and the functions are provided either as a cloud service or as an on-premise deployment with full technical support. The preferred model should primarily depend on the required level of security and on the size of the operation.

Smart Card Management

Ticket Marketplace

The FullFlight Trading Platform offers the opportunity for airlines to generate additional last-minute fare and ancillary revenues on sold-out flights. It provides an airline-controlled environment for ticket exchange between passengers, who wish to refund their tickets and those ones, who need the ticket but cannot get one anymore.

Ticket Marketplace

Mobile Coupons

The Mobile coupon service of SafePay builds customer loyalty. The mobile application with its back-office management system allows customers high-level customization to select the type of coupons they wish to receive.

Coupons can be presented in physical stores using barcode, QR code, or NFC technology to an integrated product reader or even to a mobile application which is also part of the architecture. 

The back-office module provides valuable information to merchants, generates various reports, detailing the coupons downloaded, used, shared, etc., and also prepares statistics from the collected data. 

The Mobile Coupon architecture can be operated by individual merchants for themselves or by consolidators/shopping malls for their multiple merchant partners.

Mobile Coupons

Smart Retail

The smart retail solution makes the traditional in-store shopping experience more convenient, informative and pleasant for the customers and more economic and efficient for the store operators. 

The main benefit of the technology is that a state-of-the-art service may be introduced into a legacy shopping environment. No redesign of the store, no fancy sensors, and no huge investments are necessary to become an innovative merchant of the 21st century.  

The smart retail service based on a mobile application manages the overall shopping process from the preparation of shopping list, through product selection to payment including a range of promotional tools like coupons, discounts and loyalty benefits.

The mobile application also works as a private self check-out terminal removing the lines in front of the cashier desks, increasing both store capacity and customer satisfaction.

The system provides analytical information for the merchants about the customers’ activity, allowing real-time, personalized communication with the shoppers – just-in-time promotions – as well as in-depth statistical information about purchasing habits and trends.

Smart Retail
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