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DOSS Project

Safepay is proud to participate in the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action „DOSS” project (Grant Agreement No. 101120270).

DOSS nagy kep.PNG

DOSS aims to improve the security and reliability of IoT operations by introducing to IoT Supply Chains an integrated monitoring and validation framework that includes all the relevant actors. The technologies to be implemented comprise a newly defined, machine-readable “Device Security Passport”, containing relevant information about hardware components of a system; an integrated component tester to assess 3rd party applications as well as in-house development; an architecture for cybersecurity threat modelling; a security validator to assure compliance with standards and regulations; and a set of tools to protect IoT operation that provides feedback to earlier stages of the Supply Trust Chain.


Safepay contributes to the concept elaboration and implementation of the Supply Trust Chain, works on device identification, onboarding and activity control, and provisions access management technology for the DOSS modules and pilot services.


The project runs for a period of three years with EUR 5 million funding from the European Commission’s Horizon Europe program.


You can find more information about the project on the DOSS website.

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