Based on its solid technical background, practical expertise and know-how, SafePay provides consultancy services in respect of innovation strategy, cyber security and digital transformation.

Service innovation

Even before Covid-19 key technology trends forced companies to make changes in their core products and services, to look for new opportunities. The pandemic further emphasizes the need for change, modernisation and innovation. SafePay has a long tradition in the implementation and introduction of highly innovative, sometimes groundbreaking services and can share its expertise and know-how with its partners.

Cyber security – security requirements, security by design concepts, security technologies

Working from home (WFH), bring your own device (BYOD), cloud migration, outsourcing, online shopping, are all trends which are challenging enterprises in terms of their security practices and systems. In addition, the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) without adequate security poses immense threats to businesses and citizens alike. SafePay can provide assistance in elaborating and establishing a Zero Trust Architecture, in finding the right balance between security, usability and economics.


Public transportation of all kinds need to become smarter, cleaner to streamline operations and provide better, more environmentally friendly services to travellers and businesses. In the long history of its service design and implementation activities, SafePay has gained vast experience in the assessment of the operating environment, in requirement elicitation and in the elaboration of the most sustainable technical solutions.


Project Management

In the past years, SafePay has managed numerous commercial and R&D projects with a total value of over 20 million euros. In these assignments, the company was also coordinating large, multinational consortiums and established a track record of delivering high-quality results on time, within the budgeted targets.

Over the years the company has elaborated a successful hybrid methodology, successfully combining waterfall and agile planning and implementation approaches. This management concept assures good monitoring and accountability of the project teams and activities, as well as provides the necessary flexibility and delegation of responsibilities during implementation.

The company is also an expert in R&D project management. SafePay has a long track record taking leading roles in successful EU research and innovation projects dating back to the 5th Framework Programme all the way to H2020 projects.


Development & Implementation

SafePay has conceptualized, designed and implemented all its services together with its affiliate partners. The company is providing deployment services, requested personalization and technical support for its service portfolio.

Based on its experience in the implementation of complex, secure architectures, comprising diverse front-end and robust back-end modules SafePay also offers contract development for companies for whom timely, high quality, reliable work is a priority.