Besides participating in a number of European project consortiums in the FP5, FP6, FP7, H2020, IST, CIP programmes SafePay played a leading role in the organisation and management of the following initiatives.


New H2020 EU Research and Innovation Project IOTAC: Security by Design IoT Development and Certificate Framework with Frontend Access Control
The consortium of industrial actors, research groups and academia from 7 European countries focus on improving the resilience of IoT service environments.

The tight collaboration of 13 European partners is looking to deliver a novel, secure and privacy-friendly IoT architecture that will facilitate the development and operation of more resilient IoT service environments.

The technologies to be implemented, comprising front-end access control, and multiple runtime security features including AI based detection models, honeypots, checkpointing and monitoring system, all integrated into a secure gateway, will provision security countermeasures both at hardware- and software-level. The project will run for a period of three years and receives EUR 5 million funding from the European Commission H2020 program.

The system is based on the security by design paradigm and the recommended guidelines and procedures cover the whole secure software development lifecycle from design through development and testing to assessment and certification.

Results of the project will be validated in four IoT use cases – industrial (remote terminal operation), consumer (smart home), automotive (autonomous car), and airborne (drone operation).


The StoLPaN project turned NFC enabled mobile handsets into multifunction terminals with bi-directional interaction between the NFC chip and the wireless communication channels. It demonstrated the use of this generally applicable new technology in mobile micro payment transactions and in retail operations.

Besides technical research and development the project work included research activity related to security, legal, privacy and consumer protection issues relevant in case of RFID-NFC usage.

The 25 member international consortium, representing 6 countries and industry leaders like Motorola, Sun, NXP, T-Systems, AutoIDLab, Deloitte, was working under the technical management of SafePay.


SEMOPS was the first EU project SafePay played a leading role in, still back in the FP5 programme. The Secure Mobile Payment Service project was implemented by a 15 member project consortium, involving banks, MNOs, technology providers and consultants. It designed and implemented the first universal mobile payment service with the technical coordination of SafePay. The initial concept of the operation was also elaborated by SafePay, which holds a number of patents related to the solution.

Results of the projects were used for the implementation of the mobile payment service – iCsekk – used by the Hungarian Postal Service.